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Allow Yourself To Feel; It’s A License To Live - Grasshopper

How many feelings do we attempt to chase away rather than give them the time of day?

Feelings (sensations) are our body’s alert system. They indicate what’s going on with us at all times. When we don’t give them the attention they request, we die a little bit each time we attempt to chase them away.


No matter what you choose as a repellant to your feelings, they will come back. They are patient and persistent and will be there in full force once your numbing spray goes away.


When you can’t escape, it’s most productive to surrender - surrender to the sensations that cause you to feel alive. Deadening your pain again and again just flushes your aliveness, bit by bit, down the drain.


Feeling is the path to aliveness. We, instead, attempt to live in our head. That’s a small piece of real estate compared to our entire body.  Trying to live in a 6 x 8 mental cell makes your life a living hell.


“Feeling alive” means to feel it all: the ups, the downs and everything in-between. Feeling alive isn’t picking and choosing what sensations we want; it’s noticing and feeling the ones we have.


If you’re “Mr. Spock-ing” your way through life, it’s like eating Oreos without ever tasting the middle. The recommendation is to feel your sensations and live a little.


Whatever sensations your body is sending you are real. They’re not some made up scenario that our head can easily conjure up. Instead of weaving them into a story of why we feel the way we feel, take the direct route and just feel.


Most of us are afraid to feel. That practice commits us to a life-long sentence not to live. We’ve all been instructed to face our fears and each time we ignore that advice, our fear remains in place and drains our life force away.


When you don’t feel, here’s what goes on in your head: you pretend that you’re not dead.


Here’s an invitation to invite in your real feelings - all of them - and let them have their way. The result: A license to feel alive each and every day.


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