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If Your Path To The Future Is The Same One You’ve Been On, You Have Your Future Now. - Grasshopper

The old adage that “tomorrow is promised to no one” only suggests the possibility that you may not be around tomorrow. If you happen to make it until tomorrow, the promise is this: Your future won’t be any different if the path you’re on is the same.

Are you at a fork in the road again? You don’t have to be a geography whiz to know where one of the forks will go. You’ve been down that road more often than UPS and you know what that route delivers by heart.


The game we play is that path will deliver something different this time. It never has and it never will, but we continue to pretend it’s not a treadmill.


How do we blaze a trail to a different future? It’s simple: We have to choose a different path.


I’m reminded of one of my favorite quotes that I first heard from NLP pioneer John Grinder: “If you always do what you always did, you’ll always get what you always got.”


It may be time to get out a map and plot a different course. We are all too familiar with where the current path leads - Nowhere!


Want to truly chart a course to a different future? Choose a different path. It may be hard to travel at first because the terrain is unfamiliar, but this much is guaranteed: Your trek into the future will bring you to places you’ve never been able to get to in the past.


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