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Certain: Knowing Without Any Facts - Grasshopper

For me, being certain is often devoid of any facts. I don't think I'm alone.

There is a certain "guttiness' about certainty. It's an overall feeling more than a set of facts.


"Certain with facts" often ignores other facts that point in a different direction. Certainty without the facts only points in one direction - inward.


I label this feeling "Knowing."


It isn't a position you can defend, only one on which you can depend.


Defending knowing would take facts, and by citing them, you would truly be less certain.


Knowing is not a belief.  "I know what I believe" is not knowing. It's pseudo-certainty that has been drilled into you over time.


Knowing can't be shared from a soapbox; it's more of an internal compass to direct you, not others.


Knowing is not preachy, nor is it smugness.  It's an internal reference that guides our actions but doesn't defend them.


Knowing is ever-present. It's not selectively applied to a certain set of circumstances. It's an overall feeling of being taken care of in spite of what may be swirling about you. It's this "unfactual" feeling that will see you through.


I have no idea what knowing is for you; I'm just certain that you can find it too.


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