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Life And Depth - Grasshopper

For some, contemplating entering depth seems like death and, in a way, it is.

Depth seems counterintuitive to what most of us consider to be our life - that being our life story.


We all have a life story with uncountable chapters. It makes "War and Peace" seem like a short story.


Entering depth is experiencing life, rather than creating it in our head.


Our life story not only needs to be shortened, it needs to be set aside so we have the opportunity to experience the depth of life.


When our life story begins to die, we enter the portal of depth where the wellspring of life resides.


Life is always going on beneath the surface. We seldom recognize that this life force is who we really are - not the collection of stories we claim to be.


Life isn't defensive, angry, depressed, hateful, hopeless, unfulfilled or forlorn. It's a river too busy flowing to stop and take on those attributes of our life story.


When you stop the flow of life with your life story, you get one step closer to physical death each time you do. Your life story will weaken you with each telling and keep you from your life force that is indwelling.


Stop telling your tale of woe. No one is listening any more and all you accomplish by doing so is interrupting life's flow.


Life and depth will make you feel alive every day you are living.


Can you decide now to retire your life story?  It's the one conscious decision you can make that guarantees you'll let go of the fake. In fact, your decision is a matter of life and depth.


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