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Seek Acceptance Rather Than Answers - Grasshopper

I’m watching a friend emotionally struggle as he looks for answers. There is no answer that will be acceptable to him, but that doesn’t stop his or our search.

My gentle suggestion is to search in a different direction: Search for acceptance.


You can’t find acceptance just by making a declaration that you “accept.” In other words, you can’t will yourself to accept. Attempting that is self-delusion of the highest order. Acceptance will find you if and when it does, but you can make yourself easier to find by having a willingness to be open to acceptance should it arrive.


Being willing to accept acceptance leaves a door open for acceptance. Looking for answers closes you off to it. Once you think you have it figured out, “un-acceptance” rears its ugly head and compels you to search for more answers, and off you go again into a downward spiral.


Searching for logical answers to an emotional dilemma is chasing the horizon. You’ll never get there; the goalposts will always be moved.


Seeking answers in a fact-based situation is a winning strategy. Seeking them for an emotional situation will compound your loss.


If you pray, pray for acceptance. If you don’t pray, be open to acceptance.


In our quest to make ourselves stop hurting, acceptance is the answer we’re looking for.


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