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Attitude Is An Angle Of Approach - Grasshopper

In aeronautical terms, "attitude" is an angle of approach. With what attitude are you approaching life?

Whether you approach life from a half empty or a half full angle doesn't matter to life, just like electricity doesn't care if you use it for illumination or electrocution. What matters are the results you get.


In the circle of life, if your angle of approach isn't working, you have 359 other angles from which to approach, since a circle has 360 degrees.


Shifting your angle of approach is another way of saying, "be flexible." Sticking with your angle, when it's not working, is keeping you frozen by staying with the hard and fast rules.


The thaw begins when you select another angle of approach. It's not a case of picking the right one; it's more about noticing that the one you traditionally go with isn't working and selecting another. That move opens you up to options - options you wouldn't have seen from the angle you normally select.


In football, when a quarterback calls a pass play, he will have more success when he looks at all his options. If he only looks to one receiver all the time and has three others to throw to, he cuts his odds for success for a completed pass by 75%.


By selecting an attitude of flexibility, you'll begin to approach life from different angles, presenting you with more options with a greater chance for success.


Having multiple angles of approach requires some mental gymnastics and gives you the best odds to "stick your landing."


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