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Mindset Migration Is More Than Alliteration - Grasshopper

A mindset is a pattern of thinking. We are capable of having a different patterned reaction to the same stimulus, which proves we have the capability to migrate from one mindset to another.

"It's so hot in here," says the person in an office on a summer's day. Take the same person to the beach where it's even hotter and listen in as they say, "What a glorious day."


You've undoubtedly heard the person who defends their abuse of alcohol say, "I show up for work and don't drink during the day." They may, in fact, be turned off by the sight or smell of alcohol in the morning. That's a mindset that they can migrate to in the evening. It would take some noticing, choosing and practice to make the transition.


There is a technique from NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) called "Anchoring." Here's one way to use anchoring to migrate from one mindset to another.

In this example you go from hesitant to confident. Think about a time you felt confident about anything. It could be confidence in your ability to do the smallest task like pouring a glass of orange juice.

Notice what confidence looks like in pouring that glass. Hear the sound of the juice going in the glass to add to your confidence in pouring juice. Imagine smelling and tasting that deliciously sweet orange juice, and then feel what it feels like in your body to be confident in filling up your glass. Then lock in that feeling by associating something with it, like squeezing your fist or snapping your fingers. After practicing this technique over and over until it's second nature, you can just snap your fingers and feel confidence.


That feeling you get is pure confidence. The amazing news is that your nervous system doesn't know the difference between confidence in pouring juice or confidence in whatever other area you need it in. It only knows the feeling of confidence. You can migrate your feeling of confidence from an area where you have it into the area where it's needed.


It's not magic; it's conditioning and it takes practice. There are countless other ways to migrate from one mindset to another. The purpose of this writing is to let you know, for sure, that you own the ability.


You are not helpless. You have the capability to migrate from one pattern to another. You just have to commit to the practice.


A giant first step in mindset migration is to stop defending or justifying the mindset you want to outgrow. Justification always leads to foot dragging and it will delay any migration you have in mind.


If you're of two minds on something and want to reduce it to a single mindset, make up your mind that you've decided to migrate.


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