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The Problem And The Solution Are Both Right Now - Grasshopper

Problems caused in the past are not still in the past. If they haven’t been addressed, they’re problems now.

Using the following logic keeps your problems referenced in the past and keeps them ever present. “The reason I’m this way or that things are this way is because of something that happened in the past. “


That may be an accurate statement of the facts back then, but the fact remains if you hang on to that reasoning, you’ll never solve the problem that is present.


Continuing to cite a past cause causes us to serve up justifications for keeping the problem in place. The underlying assumption is that whatever happened back then can’t be remedied by anything you can do about it now.


The first thing you can recognize is that you have a problem now. The cause is irrelevant to a solution. Stop offering up justifications for why you are the way you are and notice that you have a problem right in front of you now.


Once referenced in the present, you can begin to look for options without the weight of the past dragging you down.


However you got to this point is no longer useful. The story has been told often enough that everyone is aware. Your awareness has to now be in the present - the only place from which you can apply a solution.


The ever present question has to be: “This is where I am now, so how do I build a bridge from here to where I want to go?” Going back will not get you the building blocks you need to move forward. If that were the case, you would have solved your problem long ago.


If you’re justifying your problem, you’ll continually delay the process of getting to a solution.


One of the biggest gifts of awareness you can give yourself is to recognize that you have a problem now, the solution, to which, has nothing to do with the past.


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