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The Escape Hatch From Your Life’s Story Is Presence - Grasshopper

What is presence and how does it help you escape?

Presence is noticing what's going on right now. Your story is about what has happened or what could happen. By being present to only what's here now, you escape the past masquerading as the present, and eliminate the shade being thrown your way by an imagined future.


Presence can easily be discovered by just stopping and noticing your breathing. It was going on before you stopped to notice, but now it's in your awareness and you are present to it.


When you are present to something, you are laser focused on something. If you're focused on something in your present, your past and future, and your life story go out of focus. Presence is your escape hatch from a fable that's defining your life.


You can become present to anything in your environment - sights, sounds, sensations. It just takes a conscious act of focus.


When focused, you become present to your present - which has no resemblance to the life story you've been living and telling.


The more often you become present to what's actually going on, the more distance you create between you and your story.


Presence presents possibilities that the blinders of stories keep you from seeing.


If you're looking for a gift to move you forward, treat yourself to some presence in the present.


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