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Silent Listening - A Way To Peace - Grasshopper

Here's a meditation I use when doing other things, like walking our dog. I listen for the silence noises leave behind.

Every noise is like a story; it has a beginning, middle and an end. Here's an example: Notice the sound of a motorcycle approaching. A moment before, it wasn't in your hearing range, but now it is. It gets louder as it gets closer and then the noise begins to drift off as it passes you by. Notice the silence that is in the space that the motorcycle left behind. It's that simple.


You are listening for the silence the noise leaves behind. It's in this silence that you find inner silence - the calming of a noisy mind.


It can be any sound that pops into your hearing awareness - people talking, the wind gusting, a bird chirping. I will admit, it will take a lot longer of a wait for a weed whacker to go silent, but I think you get the idea.


I find the practice of noticing the silence has a mirroring effect on your mind. It starts noticing the silence between your thoughts. When you pay attention to that silence, you find peace.


Noises are temporary. Once you recognize that, you can begin to listen for the silence.


Silent listening doesn't take a lot of effort. Just start to notice the shelf life of any noise and when it passes by, notice the silence it leaves behind.



You are training yourself to notice the silence - a key to a quiet mind.


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