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Doing Good Doesn’t Guarantee A Long Life; It Only Insures A Life Of Feeling Good - Grasshopper

I watched the funeral of Beau Biden this weekend and was taken with how he was viewed by such a cross section of people: a good person who did good.

Apparently, during his life, he was rewarded with feeling good by doing good. By all accounts, he was a happy, highly competent, caring husband, father, son, brother, friend, soldier and public servant who could make all he came in contact with feel acknowledged. He sowed good and reaped it. I wish I had the pleasure of knowing him.


I’m not quick to tears but I was wiping them away with each eulogy - each person communicating the same thing from a different perspective: that this was a person we all wanted to know, wanted to be.


He died at 46 years of age. We never know how long we will be here but we can make the same decision that Beau Biden made: To live every day of our life.


To me, “Living every day” means “Enjoying every day.” It seems the insurance policy that Beau Biden left for us is this: feeling good is the result of doing good.


“Good” is a non-specific word but we all know what “feeling good” feels like for us. If we want more of that feeling, we have a great example left for us to follow: DO GOOD!


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