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Life Is An Event - Grasshopper

Notice that life starts as a “blessed event.” For many, events stop after that.

It occurred to me that we get up for events - vacations, out to dinner, a concert, a birthday party, a wedding, movie, a class reunion, anniversaries and the like. We just don’t seem to treat the rest of the time in between as events.


After all, what we are talking about is a mindset. We bring a certain mindset to an event. My question is: Can we make more things events?


Is brewing your first cup of tea or coffee a routine or an event? My suggestion is that if you make it an event, you will enjoy your morning brew even more.


The goal is to make your life an event so there is a lot more of it to enjoy.


It just takes a minor shift of focus to make the seemingly mundane come to life - just make it an event.


Another word for event is “opportunity.” Even a water cooler conversation can be an opportunity to connect. Reminds me of my experience in the deli line on Saturday. I struck up a conversation with the woman standing next to me. It could have been an exchange of drivel or it could be an event. I chose the latter.


I offered more than “nice weather” and got engaging conversation as a result. The person was interesting, cordial and full of life. We chatted about family, aging parents, children, dogs and deli. It could have just been me talking to myself in my head, tapping my foot and waiting for my turn to get my Swiss cheese, or I could make the deli line experience into an event. I’m glad I did just that.


I’ll most likely never see this person again but it was an event in life that we created. It started with me treating life as an event rather than something that had to be endured.


It’s a practice worth practicing and makes life more eventful.


All the best,


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