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Insight Is Absent Of Thinking - Grasshopper

I'm wondering how many times we've said we want to think it over, not knowing that thinking will never produce the insight we're looking for.

Thinking things over is not only a giant time waster but it always delays insight.


We are smart enough to know what the issue is the first time we think it through. Going over the same territory again and again just keeps us walking in circles.


There is a part of us that decides and that part of us is not the thinker. The thinker only uses the same, recorded data over and over again. Insight lets in new perspective.


How do we get to insight? - By getting the thinker out of the way.


Give the thinker something else to think about. Go wash the car, clean the office, weed the garden, go for a walk or run, balance your checkbook. In short, do anything else that will occupy your conscious focus.


That's when insight performs its magic. Insight works behind the scenes, cobbling together information we're not thinking about and coming up with a result that thinking could never produce.


Practice this alternate way of coming up with solutions and you will not only wean yourself away from repetitive thinking; you'll also experience more insights, more quickly than you have in the past.


If you want to continue delaying insights, continue to think things over. You may feel that you're doing your due diligence by doing so, but your insight will remain a perennial  "no show."


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