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You Can’t Download When Your Drive Is Full - Grasshopper

This isn’t about computers, but rather inspiration.

When our heads are full of whatever we’re filling them with, there is no room for something new to pop in. We are at the mercy of our fixed amount of storage.


In order for something new to make its way in, something current has to make its exit. It’s basic math.


Let’s pretend that your restaurant only has 7 seats at the counter. You can only serve 7 customers there. One or more of them has to leave in order for you to get new customers.


The same thing is going on in our mind. As long as we have our 7 seats full, new customers, no matter how much money they want to spend, cannot get a seat.


What to do?


Observe what’s going on in your head. Don’t participate in any conversation or debate with any thought you have lingering in there, just observe it, just like you may observe a person sitting at one of the 7 seats at the counter.


Don’t have any judgements about your observations; just keep it to factual observations. “I’m having a thought about not making budget.” “I’m having a thought about not wanting to go to the PTA meeting.”


Just by making factual observations, two things happen:


  1. You notice the content of your mind.

  2. You cause the thought to exit more quickly.


Our mind rambles on all day, every day, and we just don’t stop to observe what’s going on in there. Just by noticing the content of our mind, we now have a handle on what’s creating our mood and behavior.


By observing a couple of the thoughts, without judgement, causes them to lose their power of working in secret because they are now being watched. New thoughts will have an opportunity to enter when the current thoughts know they are being observed.


Think of a hungry kid making eye contact with a restaurant patron through the window. How long do you think that person is going to sit there and continue to eat while being observed? It’s going to be a much quicker meal.


New patrons (inspiration) (creative thoughts) will enter when the restaurant frees up a seat or two. It doesn’t take any debate or convincing, only observation.


If you haven’t had a “blue plate special” in a while, consider observing the patrons at your local diner. It’s the fastest way to have them give up their seats.


Bon Appétit!


All the best,


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