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Is There Order In Chaos? - Grasshopper

Seems to me that we can’t have it both ways: there being an order to the universe, yet chaos within that order.

I’m sensing that chaos has an order we can’t sense.


I think we approach more of an understandability of chaos if we rename it reality. We’ll never really fully understand reality but can get a finer appreciation of it by respecting its order.


Reality shows up regularly; it doesn’t take off for vacation or holidays. It has a very orderly timetable. Every moment we experience is infused with reality, or its other name - Chaos.


Each moment is a new moment and we have no idea what it will bring but we are certain, from experience, it will bring something. That means every moment is filled with chaos.


So the strategy for living a more orderly life is to respond to the moment rather than do what we normally do: attempt to control it.


Think of the folly of attempting to control chaos. It has an order of its own that we can’t sense, just like we can’t sense infinity. We can’t control it if we don’t know its next move, and we can never predict with any accuracy the next move of reality. We can only respond to it.


You can’t control the universe, you can’t control reality, you can’t control chaos - so do the only thing you can do to bring order to what seems disorderly: Respond.


Response is how you align yourself with reality - by not reacting and trying to control the moment. Response is noticing what’s been offered up and coming up with a chaotic way to respond - meaning one that’s not pre-planned.


Life is Improv. You take what’s offered to you and you take it somewhere new and unpredictable - like reality would do.


To bring the order of the universe into your life, you have to mimic its seemingly disorderly ways.  That means to notice what reality the moment brings, take a breath, and take it someplace new - just like chaos would do.


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