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Applying The Brakes Too Soon Wears You Down - Grasshopper

How easy is it to say “No”? By doing so, we are wary before wary becomes necessary and overuse our stopping mechanism preventing us from seeing new vistas.

Stopping ourselves tires us out and we use our tiredness as an excuse not to move forward.


The juice of rejuvenation lies in “Yes.”


Beware of “No”; it leads to the opposite of “Go.”


“No” has a proper place and that proper place is usually not at the outset. By applying the brakes of “No” upfront, you limit the places you can go.


“No” is a totally appropriate option when there is an actual choice point presented. But “No” stops us from entertaining choices when we guess what those choice points are before actually starting.


If you’re looking for more options in life, it’s imperative to say “Yes” more often.


“Yes” opens the door to opportunity; “No” leads to a life that could have been.


Are you wearing yourself out? Notice how often you say “No.” There is a direct correlation.


Start saying “Yes” today and notice how many more options come your way.


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