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Does Kindness Work? - Grasshopper

It’s one thing to realize that kindness works. It’s another thing to practice kindness so that you can feel it working.

Having a notion in our head is a great start but it will end there if we don’t put it into practice.


So, what’s the definition of kindness? It’s sort of like the definition of talent; I’m not sure I can define it but I know it when I see it.


“Be kind to animals” comes to mind. Someone who goes out of their way to do something to make a dog’s tail wag or a cat purr is someone practicing kindness.


Think of “kindness” as “kind of like me.”


Yes, we all have differences that are visible but we all have so many things in kind that practicing kindness with others is really no different than being kind to yourself. The Golden Rule comes to mind: “Do unto others as you would have others do unto you.”


If you only give lip service to kindness, it’s like giving the kiss of death to being kind.


Practicing kindness with others not only invites others to be kind to you, you actually feel the kindness you are practicing with them in yourself. It’s Win-Win!


It doesn’t cost any more to be kind; it just takes practice and as the cat said, “Practice makes purrfect.”


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