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The Permanence Of Impermanence - Grasshopper

Impermanence is everywhere at all times – kinda’ like dog poo.  But like animal droppings, we get fixated on impermanence to the exclusion of everything else that smells better.

Impermanence is the constant thought barrage about something not lasting - life, love, the pursuit of happiness, just to name a few.


We seem to dwell on the fatalistic notion that something won’t last and that idea corrupts our ability to enjoy what it is that we have while it’s here.


Yes, the things we enjoy, love, adore will come to pass but that doesn’t mean we have to take a pass on the pleasure they bring us now by dwelling on the day that they won’t.


The permanent mindset of impermanence is the antithesis of enjoyment. One reason we don’t enjoy life is because we’re constantly coming out of the moment that life is happening and projecting to a future where it won’t.


Imagine driving off the lot in a brand new car and having these thoughts:

“This underside of this car will rust out in 3 years.”

“I’ll have to buy new tires for this car in 30,000 miles.”

“ They charge a king’s ransom for a new muffler nowadays.”


We negate the enjoyment of basking in that new car smell when we focus on the smelly.


How much impermanence permeates your thoughts? When you do the math, your enjoyment of life is inversely proportional to the amount of impermanence you entertain.


For some people impermanence is a permanent fixture. They find a cloud in every silver lining.


The good news is that there is a solution - noticing what’s going on now.


Take a break from your thoughts by taking your attention outside of your head and put it on what’s right in front of you. What’s right in front of you is life happening now. When you give your full attention to the moment you’re in, you experience life as it happens, not as how you imagine it will be at some future date.


There’s nothing wrong with forecasting. It’s a great tool for guiding your actions when pursuing something down the line. But if you’re eternally busy forecasting doom and gloom, your enjoyment of the moment permanently leaves the room.


Begin to get in the habit of noticing and participating in what’s happening now and you’ll reduce the permanence of impermanence. A brighter day is just a notice away.


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