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Hope is Hopeless - Grasshopper

Fernando Flores once said, “Hope is the raw material for losers.” My definition isn’t as harsh but just as hopeless. “Hope is the salve we put on our feelings while we’re waiting for reality to render its result.”

Hope is action-less.


Hope is magical thinking filled with action-less rhetoric and even less results.


Hope is no more effective in getting the result you desire than is carrying around your lucky rabbit’s foot.


Instead of getting your fur up about my takedown of hope, look at the lack of results it has delivered in your life.


Hope has a place in our lives just not the lofty spot we have reserved for it.


Hope is a way of temporarily mitigating the discomfort and mental anguish our thoughts are delivering, but it won’t deliver any results.


Can you imagine the defensive football team “hoping” that the offensive team won’t score? That may be what the guys on the bench are doing, but the guys on the field have to take action to prevent the other team from scoring.


If your only action is hope, you have already lost.


I again am reminded of the bank slogan I heard growing up: “Wishing won’t do it, saving will.”


Wishin’ and Hopin’” is a great old song but if it’s the one you’re singing there’s not a prayer of getting what you want.


I can only hope that I have put hope in a different light for you. If it causes you to take some action, then this writing effort wasn’t hopeless.


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