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Freedom Results When Something Gives You Up - Grasshopper

I suspect we have it backwards. We think we have to give things up to get freedom from them. I find the opposite to be more realistic.

Giving something up has the same success as dieting. You're always thinking about what you can't eat or what you've given up.


Suppose you're in a relationship and you're thinking about giving it up. Further imagine that the person you're in the relationship with comes to you, instead, and tells you they want to move on. What luck! Freedom! Someone has given you up.


I am fond of the word "outgrowing." When you outgrow something, you don't have to give it up; it gives you up.


For example: Think back on a picture of you when you were very young and notice what you were wearing in the photo.  Now imagine that you find that outfit and attempt to try it on, as silly as that sounds. It's obvious; it doesn't fit. You've outgrown it.


We tend to hold on to things that no longer fit and pretend they do. We make arguments for hanging on to things that no longer fit.


The first step in having something outgrow you is to stop arguing for it. The argument keeps the myth alive. The myth is that it's a fit. When we stop arguing for our limitations, a door opens for freedom to enter.


What argument do you continue to make that's not producing results? You won't have to look far; we all have them. But up until this point, you may not have noticed that you were making an argument that had more air than substance, like cotton candy.


Sometimes outgrowing something comes with age; most often it does not. Outgrowing something often takes some effort. The effort is noticing that you're attempting to stuff 10 pounds of s**t in a 5 pound bag. It doesn't fit.


Rather than giving something up, start noticing your empty arguments and you'll give "something" the freedom to outgrow you.


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