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Talk Turkey Without The Trimmings - Grasshopper

Turkey, by itself, will not make you fat; all the trimmings will. Trimming the fat from your “Turkey Talk”indicates your willingness and seriousness in pursuing a solution.

Thanksgiving is behind us but the rest of our life is ahead of us and it may be time to “Talk Turkey” about something we’ve just been chewing the fat about too long.


My dictionary defines “Talking Turkey” as follows: “To discuss a problem seriously with the intent of solving it.”


My experience with most people who claim they want to solve their problems is that they want to talk about their problem, not solve it. Somewhere along the way, they learned that a lot of “gas” will make their problem pass. It won’t.


Use yourself as an example: How many people have you presented your problem to? Now contrast that with the number of people you’ve presented your solution to. We don’t “Talk Turkey” when it comes to our problems; we just talk.


The success rate of talk therapy is abysmal. That’s partly because you revivify the problem every time you talk about it. Quoting my sage hypnosis teacher, Dr. Dave Dobson, “You don’t have to go to a dump to remember what garbage smells like.”


Restating your problem again is not necessary. You know what the problem is; it’s time now to seek a solution, not another ear to bend.


Here’s a secret we already know but won’t admit: We already know the solution; we’re just not willing to implement it.


What solution have you buried under multiple helpings of all the trimmings? You can continue to gobble, gobble with your tongue on the throttle or you can trim the fat and go to work on a solution STAT!


Will you be talking about the same problem next Thanksgiving or will you start taking action now? I wonder how soon you’ll be “Talking Fowl.”


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