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Absolute Truth Is Made Up Of Infinite Versions - Grasshopper

I’m sure you’ve heard the expression, “your version of the truth,” but do you know what comprises absolute truth? I believe I can explain.

There is an old story about a group of people stumbling onto an elephant in the dark. Each person can’t see the elephant but they all are touching a different part - trunk, ear, tusk, tail, etc. And each one claims they are experiencing the whole elephant, and each one writes a book entitled: “The Truth About Elephants.”


The whole truth, so help me God, is all versions wrapped into one. Even a lie is part of the whole truth. Truth is all positions, even the ones we don’t believe are true. Truth is infinity which, when we attempt to break it down, is our reality, our truth.


There is one force that comprises the universe. It is part of and permeates everything in it. The closest we come to explaining that force is that everything has an atomic makeup. Scientists keep discovering new facets of that force - quarks, hadrons, neutrons, protons and many other things too small to mention.


This one force is the absolute truth. There aren’t competing forces or competing truths. We just attempt to claim our version of this force is the absolute truth.


Once we allow the concept of the whole truth to sink in, we stop arguing for parts of it. Our dogmas and ideologies become miniscule compared to the whole, and we stop our flawed mission to separate and, instead, look for more things to incorporate into our version of the truth.


You’re on a soapbox with nothing to sell if you are claiming that your elephant dung is the elephant.


I can’t comprehend the whole truth and neither can anyone else, but it’s the pursuit of the whole that gets us to include more rather than isolate and insulate ourselves into something so small that scientists don’t even have a name for it yet.


When you let go of your version of the truth, the lights come on and you are in the center ring where you and everyone else in attendance is exposed to the whole elephant.


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