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Bring The Party Or Remain A Disappointed Guest - Grasshopper

I can’t tell you the exact moment of realization, but it was many years ago when I discovered that waiting for the party to happen keeps you waiting.

The “party” can be any interaction you have on a daily basis. In fact, you can easily substitute the word “life” for “party” and have a broader appreciation of The Grasshopper’s musing.


Reminds me of a story . . .


Back in the 80s, I was invited to a 50th anniversary party for the parents of a friend. The friend invited her college roommate to the event along with many other friends and family members. It was an outside event and I vividly remember the college roommate sitting in a lawn chair, under a tree, reading a book. There was conversation and frivolity of all sorts going on around her but her nose was stuck in her book.


I asked the host about the roommate. She said that she doesn’t get out much and she’s not much of a mingler, and added that her friend was sad and lonely and hard to entertain. I asked why she invited her. She said she felt sorry for her.


I have no idea what happened to the roommate but I’m certain she’s still hard to entertain and still waiting for life to happen. I can’t be certain of this, but I would bet that this person invented the phrase, “Shit Happens.”


It’s up to us to bring life with us. Waiting for life to come to us is an eternal bus ride to boredom.


Bringing life is bringing the party. Life is the animating force within us that’s itching to get out. We just have to unlock the door. That means we have to take an action vs. waiting to react.


Waiting has its place in life but using it as your main strategy robs you of life.


This is just a reminder to bring life with you wherever you go. Offer the world a little piece of you and take what they offer in return. This willingness to exchange brings out the life force in each of us and makes everyone the life of the party.


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