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“Don’t Want” Is A Difficult Target To Hit - Grasshopper

If you pay careful attention to your language when expressing your desires, you’re likely to notice that you too often give voice to what you don’t want rather than what you do want. That’s a fuzzy target.

Just a slight shift in your approach puts you on a clearer path toward your aspirations. Shift in the direction of declaring what you “Do want.”


There is no guarantee that you’ll get what you do want by making this shift but the odds shift in your favor when you do.


Your odds increase because your mind works better when it has one target to shoot for rather than several to avoid. “Do want” is an exercise in focus and a focused person gets more hits than misses.


Begin to notice how unfocused you are when you use “Don’t want” language.  You’re meandering all over the map rather than planting your flag.


“Do want” is a clear statement or vision of what you want. There is no room for wiggle room in a do want declaration. Train yourself to focus on what you do want and notice how clear the goal becomes.


Final thought: You improve your chances to get what you do want when you let what you don’t want go out of focus.


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