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Heeding Heads You Home - Grasshopper

What's the one piece of advice you need to heed? You may have heard it all your life but actually putting it to use fulfills the promise.

When I was in broadcasting the ubiquitous piece of advice handed out was "Be yourself." Most broadcasters manufacture a persona and wind up being poor imitations of those whom they're attempting to emulate. The same is true for the rest of us as well.


"Be yourself" is a piece of advice worth heeding. The trick is to discover who this "self" is.


I can tell you for sure that it's not the person you made up and pretend to be. That's the fa├žade you present to the whole world.


The real you is homespun wholeness, not a reflection in a mirror that only shows what's on the outside.


Nothing needs to be added to the real you. You only need to subtract the layers of pretending to arrive home where everything is taken care of. The real you lives at home, not travelling with the carnival.


Arriving home is a journey. It begins with noticing that your travels away are not getting you the peace you seek. The next step is subtracting the bumper stickers of culture that you've accumulated over the years - the things that you "must" have or do that haven't done it for you.


Once you begin the subtractive process, you automatically feel lighter and intuitively know you are on a path to home.


If you're still waiting for the "one thing" that's going to do it for you, you'll be waiting forever. Perhaps it's time to heed the advice of "Be yourself" and start your journey home.


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