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Peace Can Be Found In The Land That Doesn’t Matter - Grasshopper

There’s a place where dustups don’t exist. It’s “The Land That Doesn’t Matter.”

There is no X = Y in this magical place - no meaning is allowed.


I had the rare occasion to visit this special spot over the weekend. It was an abbreviated visit, but boy was it peaceful. I wish I could tell you the GPS coordinates but that would suggest it’s a physical place. It’s not.


Nothing matters there. Everything is allowed to be just as it is. Life goes on around you and the events you witness don’t equate to anything. The meaning machine is turned off and clearness of mind prevails.


It’s easy to get mentally caught up in things that matter. We live that existence every day. I’m only guessing here but I strongly suspect that when we die, things don’t matter anymore - meaning disappears and so do we, along with all our thoughts that “matter.”


The key is to enter The Land That Doesn’t Matter as often as we can while living. Entry is only given to those who let meaning die. “This means that” is a prescription for mental war. Peace happens, even if only momentarily, when we call a truce on meaning.


I slipped into The Land That Doesn’t Matter for a short time and the peace I experienced is nudging me to make another visit soon.


We will argue for what matters ‘til the day we die. I wonder if it makes sense to set aside what matters, just for a moment, and see what else shows up. My guess is you’ll end up where I did. How long you remain peaceful depends on how long you can leave what matters behind.


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