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Judgements Don’t Change Things - Grasshopper

Did you ever notice that the amount of judgements we have that result in change are almost nonexistent? 

It doesn’t matter if you are issuing a judgement about another or about yourself, change isn’t the result.  Yet, that doesn’t keep us from keeping this unworkable strategy alive.


“Don’t Judge” is a directive that’s ineffective. Everyone judges. It’s automatic almost all the time. Judgements pop into our mind just like any random thought pops in. We have no say in their arrival but we do have a say in how long they stay.


My friend, Jerry Stocking makes the claim that the longer they stay, the more they become “the truth.” Please notice the quotation marks.


My claim is that they don’t get results. They keep us in wait mode - waiting for change. And as long as we’re waiting, action sits on the sidelines.


You can always tell a judgement; they don’t wear disguises, and they don’t change things.


The next time you are issuing a judgement, whether inside your mind or aloud, notice it has no effect on you or the maddening crowd. You can have the same judgement come back a million times, but a million multiplied by zero is still zero. Zero is the effect your judgement is having.


You can’t control your thinking but you can manage it. Start noticing your judgements when they arrive. Just by noticing that you are having a judgement keeps its stay abbreviated. Once judgements know you are on the lookout, they make quicker and less frequent visits.


By getting a working knowledge of your judgements, you start to see how ineffective they are in making change happen. And when their visits are shorter, you make mental room for creativity that actually has a prayer of getting results.


Do the arithmetic; judgements aren’t getting you the changes you want to see. They just weave “the truth” with imaginary thread and the longer you weave, the less you’ll get ahead.


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