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If You Can’t Count On Yourself, You Can’t Count On Anyone - Grasshopper

Are you counting on someone to come through for you? It could be a long wait, especially if you can’t be counted on.

I hate to go metaphysical on you, but this is my experience: Your ability to be counted on is a mirror that reflects back what you show it. If you show it countless examples of not being able to be counted on, your return from others will arrive in equal measure.


But suppose you can be counted on and are not getting back what you put out? What’s up with that?


You are counting on others who can’t be counted on.


“Counting” is a two-part process:


1.      You have to be a person who can be counted on.

2.      You have to enlist people who have a history of reliability.


If those two things aren’t in place, you will have fewer things to count.


I have a long history in managing people and the part I like least about management is reminding people to do their jobs. Sadly, that’s the part of a manager’s job that takes the most time and effort.  Given the opportunity, an able manager can help make you better at whatever it is that you do, but they don’t get to use that skill if they can’t count on you.


Follow this motto if you want to be known as someone who can be counted on: Do what you say you will do. It’s that simple.


If you want to surround yourself with people who can be counted on, just look at their history of follow-through. It’s the best barometer.


There’s an old adage that says, “If you’re not leaning on someone, no one can let you down.” Taken to the next step, if you’re leaning on people who can’t be counted on, you’ll find yourself on the ground quite often.


The process of “Counting” begins at home. Make yourself into a person that can be counted on. Start slow by making commitments you can keep and build from there. Once you become one of the counted, you’ll easily be able to spot and enlist others who can be counted on.


Hard Reality: If people believe you can’t be counted on, in their eyes, you don’t count.


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