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Ripening Is A Reality; Time Is A Concept - Grasshopper

We are all aging. You can take that to the bank. “Age is just a number” we’ve often heard said. Yet, too many have become focused on how many minutes they’ve been alive or how many they have left until they’re dead.

Aging happens; time is an illusion.


We didn’t make up aging but we did invent something to explain it - Time.


It takes so many sunrises and sunsets to determine how ripe an apple is. The time it takes has nothing to do with the apple ripening. Aging is a process that happens all on its own, independent of whether we have a measurement or not.


An apple will come into this world, grow and decay without a clock in the orchard.


Moments can’t be measured in minutes. “We had a moment” often means time had stopped. We stopped measuring our experiences for a moment and just lived them.


Time is a useful invention. Where it becomes counterproductive is when we treat it as real. That’s when we cheat ourselves out of moments. How long was that unforgettable embrace? When you start to measure it, you come out of the moment and back into time where you clock watch from birth ‘til death.


The way to miss a moment is to time it. It feels so much better to live it.


Take a moment to live your moments and watch time go away. You’ll begin to live your life rather than measuring it day to day.


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