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Life’s Biggest Cop Out: I’m Not Responsible For Me - Grasshopper

The truth is: We're always able to respond. We just keep picking the response that says we're not responsible.

What you do is on you. It's that simple.


If we focus on our actions vs. our reasons, we see clearly that the onus is on us.


How much of our life is spent attempting to explain away our actions? It's a diversion from ownership that keeps us renting reasons that have the strength of wet cardboard.


Spend some time around prisoners, people who have been convicted beyond a reasonable doubt, and you will see how rampant this universal denial of responsibility is in the face of hard, cold facts.


There is freedom that comes with responsibility. When we begin to own our actions, we start taking action to become unshackled from our lies.


Telling the truth is a response that releases us from copping out.


Take ownership of your response and you become responsible — something in short supply in a world steeped in cover stories.


It's almost certain that if you lean in the direction of taking responsibility, you'll take one on the chin. It's often the blow we need to loosen our denial and finally own this un-refuted truth: I'm responsible for me.


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