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If You Want Something Conditionally, There’s A Good Chance You Don’t Really Want It - Grasshopper

I have often claimed that if I can't have a BIG boat, then I don't want one. What was I really communicating by my BIG condition? - That I don't believe I'll ever have one.

The conditions become the excuses for not going for what you want. My sense is the deeper revelation is this: Until I want what I want without conditions, I don't really want it.


Think about what you want. Now notice the conditions that come along with your desire. "I want to win the lottery but I don't want people calling me asking me for money." That may seem like an absurd example, but notice how quickly your conditions come out.


How about reconnecting with your ex? Notice all the conditions that pop up. None of those conditions were there when you first met, but they're there now. Here's a little secret: Until you want them back without conditions, you don't want them back.


Conditions are roadblocks you erect to insure you don't get what you claim you want.


How conditionally are you living your life? If you have to have this and that in place before you act, you'll stay at a standstill. There will be a lot of back and forth in your head that only spins out more conditions. That gets you farther away rather than closer.


Reality doesn't have conditions. It just happens unconditionally. It doesn't consider what has to be in place before it shows up. We can learn a lot from reality when it comes to our conditions. If we have conditions in place, we aren't being real; we're attempting to bend reality to our whims. I've never been able to do that and I suspect that you haven't either.


Here's an exercise: Mentally take away all your conditions and notice if you still want what you say you want. My suspicion is your results will be eye opening.


You can then put your conditional wants in the rear view mirror and focus on what you really do want — an unconditional desire.


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