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An Original Thought Can’t be Bought - Grasshopper

It seems odd that a clichéd phrase was once an original thought. But notice how something novel gets worn and tired when we repetitively attempt to get others to buy into it being the only way.

"There is only one way to invest." "There is only one, true religion." "This is the only way people should have sex." When you are lead to believe that you don't have options, you will find that "tried and true" becomes life's blueprint for you.


That mindset leads to mindless repetition without time for reflection. You'll be like a man trying to procreate without an erection.


Our original thoughts come when we put our patterned way of thinking on hold and allow our endless well of creativity to deliver something new and, perhaps, bold.


If you're tired of selling it, imagine how tired people are of buying it. That's your clue that you need something new for you.


If you have bought into that there is only one way to go, you will stifle your creativity. You have become a cliché with nothing new to say.


It seems you can teach an old dog new tricks if you rid yourself of the idea that you're too old to learn. There is something new waiting for you. All you have to do is stop believing that's impossible for you.


You will pay a price for following the same worn advice, which brings us full circle to: "An original thought can't be bought."


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