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I Doesn’t Need To Improve - Grasshopper

Before you hop on The Grasshopper for poor English, let me interpret what he means by “I.”

This is the time of the year when many folks get focused on self-improvement. The indulgent holidays are over and the calendar is about to turn a new year. Our cultural beliefs suggest it’s time to turn over a new leaf, to turn a phrase.


But “I” needs no improvement; it’s perfect. It always was and it always will be. “Me,” on the other hand, could use some work.


“I” is the life force that permeates us. It does so much for us in spite of us getting in the way and attempting to thwart its efforts. It’s the life beneath the story of “Me.”


“Me and my story” are not “I.” “Me” needs lots of improvement; “I” couldn’t improve anymore; it’s complete.


The mission in life is to get more of “I” in “Me.” That’s how we improve. We don’t improve by adding things to “Me.” We improve by subtracting things from “Me.” “Me” consists of a laundry list of additions that were supposed to improve our life. Yes, they may have brought us some happy moments but more than likely, not fulfillment.


When you subtract from “Me,” you get closer to “I.” That means you improve.


“I” has no beliefs; “Me” has tons of them. Have you ever stopped to notice that many of the beliefs you have don’t hold water? Yet, we hold onto them even though they’re not working. Letting them go allows “Me” to improve. They will no longer be there to weigh you down.


“Me” reacts; “I” responds. Reactions are based on conditioning; responses are based in creativity - the homeland of “I.”


“Me” stands in the way of “I’s” creations getting through. “Me” wants to runs the show, not knowing the show is already running. All “Me” has to do is get out of the way and let “I” have its say. That’s when you get more of “I” in “Me,” and get to see a world without beliefs - one filled with creative responses to life’s offerings.


You can approach the New Year with “Me” alone, but that will get you what you got before. Doing it that way is like the old song, You and Me Against the World.” To get more in sync with “I,” “Me” has to die. Meaning your belief that you are your beliefs has to die.


A coffee bean isn’t coffee; it’s the source of coffee. “I” is the source, and the more of it you put in your brew, the more improvement will show up in you.


Happy New Year!


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