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Curiosity Solves Life’s Puzzles - Grasshopper

"What are my options?" is a question I don't believe we ask enough. My guess is we don't ask because we think there aren't any, or that, if there are, there is no option that would work. Remaining stuck is the result of not asking.

"Knowing" is the glue that all stuck people buy; it's the #1 seller. Not knowing is the door to knowing and exploring what you don't know begins by asking, "What are my options?"


It's such a simple question to ask and it's the curiosity behind the question that opens us to options. There is a part of us that works on solutions outside of conscious awareness. The key to engage that part of us is to ask questions. Notice that we are not asking for "THE" answer, only for the options that will lead us to an answer.


Thinking that there is only one answer is what keeps us in place. My experience is that answer will remain elusive if it's the only option.


To give you an idea of how this "options" part of us works, do this: The next time you attempt a crossword puzzle, read every clue before you even pick up your pen or pencil. You'll know some answers right off the bat and others will puzzle you for the moment. The key is to not stop and dwell on the answer; just keep reading through until you come to the last one and then go and do your puzzle.


The part of you that solves things will be working on the answers you don't know while you are working through the ones you do. If the answer is in your hidden storehouse of knowledge, it will have a better chance of surfacing when you get yourself curious about the question in advance.


Life's problems are often more complex than a crossword puzzle, yet the methodology for solving them is the same - Get curious about your options.


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