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Are You Experiencing YOU Or Just Reporting on YOU? - Grasshopper

YOU are much deeper than your name, rank and serial number. YOU can't be quantified, only experienced. The question is: Do you want to write a book report or have the experience itself?

I've read many books over the years that address the core essence of YOU. I can tell from the feeling I get if the writer is what I call a "Spiritual Reporter" or someone who owns the experience. The ones who report the experience of YOU attempt to explain it. That takes you into your head where you'll talk about it some more. The words of the ones who live the experience point you in the direction of YOU and allow you to find it yourself.


YOU lives between the words, not in them.


YOU lives between your thoughts. There is an absence of chit-chat there and a boatload of YOU to experience.


When your mind calms down, you begin to experience YOU.


The mind is a useful tool and I'm glad I have one, but it's not a helpful tool for experiencing YOU. It gets in the way.


Are you talking about your life or are you living it? Talking about it is one step removed from living it.


Every moment is an opportunity to experience life, yet we continue to water it down with words. When is the last time you experienced another human being? Generally, we talk right past them and vice-versa. This doesn't mean not to converse; it's simply an invitation to find out what shows up between the words. It's there that you will find the common ground of YOU.


Final thought: ME is not YOU. When you find the difference between the two, you'll have more experience with YOU.


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