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Ah-Ha Moments Without Action Become What Ifs - Grasshopper

Have you ever been struck with a realization and didn’t realize any result? No need to raise your hand; we all have.

If an “Ah-Ha” moment only adds to your knowledge base, you only get the “Ah.” The “Ha” that takes a brainstorm past conversation is action.


I heard an ancient three-word saying that I believe applies: “Action, Victory, Words.” In my model of the world, you can’t speak with authority on something until you have experience with it. Experience takes action.


It’s the action, not the idea that will take you to victory. Then you can write a book of words about it if you like.


What moments of clarity have you made opaque by not acting? When you count them up, you have your list of “What Ifs.”


I’m not a big fan of lamenting or regrets, simply because I don’t find them useful in getting what I want. They seem to take me backward when my objective is to move forward. “What Ifs” are anchors to the past, an invitation to talk about what could have been.


“What Ifs” become fewer when we decide to become a doer.


Perhaps it’s time to dust off that moment of inspiration and add some perspiration. It’s how “Ah” becomes “Ha.”


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