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“It Should Be The Way It’s Not” Is The Strongest Glue You’ll Step Into - Grasshopper

The easiest way to get stuck is to step into a pile of "should." It's also the most preventable.



When you deem something should be the way it isn't, you have three choices:


1.       Complain about it.

2.       Do nothing.

3.       Do something.


When your reaction is to complain, you're stuck, unless you are complaining to someone who can help you. Just pissing and moaning into the wind will have it blow back on you time and again. It's the most common form of staying stuck. It never works!


Doing nothing is filled with "Ennui" - a French word for "Woe is me." Acting listless and helpless just sets the stage for the glue to harden quicker.


Doing something is the only way out.


"It is" is the recognition that's necessary to escape from "it shouldn't be this way." Once you sidestep that trap, it's an open field of possibility.


When you hear yourself saying, "it shouldn't be this way," that can act as a trigger to get you to focus on the actual way that it is. It takes a bit of practice and the result is you don't wind up where old horses go - the glue factory.


Think of it this way: "Should" is a bunch of man made rules that reality ignores.


When you go in the opposite direction of reality, you are heading nowhere. "Should" only goes backwards.


It's perfectly normal to be displeased about reality; it's insane to think you can "should" your way out of it.


There is only one way to create a new reality and that is to do something - anything but should.


Taking action is the only road to freedom. Other avenues "should" work, but they don't.


If you find yourself stuck, (and who hasn't?) doing something is the way out of the muck.


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