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Pick The Fruits Of Your Labor Before They Die On The Vine - Grasshopper

Today is Labor Day in The USA, a day to honor the worker. We do anything but and dishonor our toil when we idly standby and let our efforts perish.

What have you given up on too soon? You've put in a sizable amount of work, you've sacrificed and have expended gallons of sweat and tears, only to let that sweet nectar be wasted and go un-tasted.


What is worth a bit more of your attention? Difficulties don't go away; they're still there when we come out of our sand nap. They need our attention now otherwise our problems will take away our fruition.


We suffer enough losses in life without us contributing to another by our inattention to what's worth our effort.



It's tough to double down when we're already tired; it may even seem hopeless. But we will feel doubly down if we don't make that effort to "save our crop."


I don't know what's in jeopardy in your life, but you do. Perhaps it's your health or something else that's important. If you don't tend to it now, you'll wind up offering the universally, empty excuse that offers no solace: "It was God's will."


I'll end with the story of the new farmer who prays tirelessly everyday for a bumper crop. He sees no hint of his plantings producing a crop and openly complains to God. "God why have you forsaken me and not allowed a crop to grow?" All of a sudden, there were loud rumbles and the heavens opened up and God in all his majesty appeared. He answered the farmer's question with a booming question. "When are you going to take care of the weeds?"


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