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Broaden Your World And Connect More Often - Grasshopper

I had my first, fresh fig this weekend. Generally, at my
age, people don't try something new, but boy am I glad I did. They are yummy.

It got me to reflect on the whole concept of new. There is
new for new's sake, which I don't believe I'll ever be a fan of, and there's
setting aside tried and true once in a while and saying "Yes" to "No."

When our views get broader, more people can fit in our tent.
When there are more viewpoints, you have the opportunity to look at things from different angles, especially when someone offers to share a new view with you. In the past, you may have just told them, in so many words, to "shoo."

Connecting with others begins when you open up to new.
Flowers look best when they open and so do you. You're more appealing to more people when you're open and connections are easier.

Closed is easy; just continue to say "No." Open is a bit
more challenging because of all the conditioned "No's" you have to get out of
the way before you get to "Yes." "Yes" is the door to "Open" and connection is
what happens when you walk through that door and down the path in someone
else's shoes.

I'll admit, it's a bit difficult at first but with a little practice you travel from No man's land to an open world full of connections.

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