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Resistance Brings You Closer To The Things You Resist - Grasshopper

We've all heard what famed Swiss Psychologist, Carl Jung said: "What
you resist persists." What he didn't tell us is that it gets closer with each

Have you ever braced yourself against a cold wind? Did it make you any warmer? If you pay attention when you involuntarily do that, you will notice that you actually get a bit colder than you were before you braced, yet we do it all the time. When you let go of the muscle tensing and accept the wind, you won't feel as cold. Pretend I made that up and test my assertion the next time you brace and validate it for yourself.

We resist more than the wind. We are resistance machines cranking out an assembly line's worth of opposition. What do we resist most? The reality of anything we don't like.

When our preferences aren't met, we brace rather than embrace. That's not to say that we should like everything that is presented to us; it's more of a reminder to offer consideration to what's there.
When we observe reality rather than react, we find that resistance needn't be our first choice. This practice of observation has the potential to open doors of opportunity that we didn't even know were there.

We know what resistance will get us - more of the same and then some. Resistance becomes a way of life that makes us colder with each repetition.

Observation and consideration warms us up to possibility. Resistance slams the door in its face.

Will Rogers' reminder comes to mind: "When you find yourself in a hole, stop digging." Resistance has us dig deeper into ways that aren't working.

Final suggestion: Persistently notice your resistance and experience yourself opening up to more of what life has to offer.

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