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Reclaiming Our Depth Can’t Be Done In The Shallow End Of The Pool - Grasshopper

It seems counter-intuitive but, in life, we move from depth to superficial.
Getting back to our depth means giving up our "life preserver."

The water wings of superficial will keep you floating on the top and you may never find your depth again until your floating device is punctured and you hit rock bottom.
We are born connected to our depth. We are conditioned out of it, and everything we pursue in life is an attempt to get that state of being back.

The problem is that depth is not found in the shallow end, and that's where we
spend the bulk of our life.

We long for that sense of completeness that's always available but lives below the surface. We believe we can get to it by swimming towards yet another alluring horizon. That constant activity keeps us floating on the surface away from the treasures of the deep.

For many, it takes a dark night of the soul to reconnect to their depth. They find that superficial, no matter how much air has been pumped into it, has a gaping hole in the side. It becomes too hard to stay on the surface and depth
patiently waits.

Sadly, depth may not be experienced again for many until they are facing physical death. Ask any hospice worker what people are reflecting about. Here's a hint: It's not about swimming with the sharks.

Depth will outwait superficial. You'll eventually get there but may need to be
politely nudged that it's in your best interest to get there sooner. This much
is for sure: Superficial has more sizzle than depth, but sizzle can't satisfy.

Coming full circle back to depth completes you. It's up to you whether you want a long or short swim to get there.

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