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Yes Is The “Piece De Resistance” For Overcoming Resistance - Grasshopper

“Yes” is not in our used vocabulary often enough. Too often we default to “No” and that leaves us nowhere to go.

No = no possibility. Yes = potential possibility.
When we say “No,” we cut possibility out of the picture.
“No” is the mother of all resistance. When we say “No,” we are displaying more resistance than a screaming child being drug out of a supermarket by his parent.
What are we resisting when saying “No?” Possibility!
Possibility begins with “Yes.”
Based on my experience, knowers “No.” That means that we tacitly claim to know all the possibilities when we say “No.” That has us miss a lot.
In the past, I’ve been a world-class knower and “No-er.” What I’ve come to find is that “No” kills a communication and keeps us in place with what we already know. No knows no progress.
Yes, there is a time and place for “No.” Just know that almost every time you say it, you slam the door to possibility.
Just monitor your responses to find out if you say “Yes” or “No” more. If you are bored with yourself, it’s a safe bet that you’re saying “No” too often. If the spice has gone out of your life, “No” is the cause.
“No” has you resist life; “Yes” gets you to lead a fuller life.
It reminds me of a lover’s observation: She had “Yes-Yes” in her eyes but “No-Nos” on her face. If you are presenting your “No” face to the world, you probably want more, but your resistance keeps you from having it.
Practice saying “Yes” more often and start to notice your resistance begin to melt and fade away, making room for lots more possibilities.
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