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Reality: A Belief Everyone Can Believe In - Grasshopper

If you have the ability to believe, boy do I have something you can believe in!

Reality is my religion and you don’t have to give up yours to believe in mine. All you have to do is recognize that reality is the only belief you can count on every time without any false promise. Reality always delivers.
When you believe that “what happens happens” without adding any qualifying phrases like, “it was for a reason” or “it was God’s will,” you have the one and only tenant of my religion. It can be proven every time without exception.
If you prayed and got what you wanted, the outcome was a reality.
If you prayed and didn’t get what you wanted, the outcome was a reality.
Call me a missionary for reality. Like most people who preach, I haven’t yet mastered the subject matter. The old axiom, “You teach what you want to learn” applies here.
I can easily find myself slipping back into “sinful” thoughts that I can control reality, or explain it away, or suspend my belief in it for a time, but I always find my way back to the belief I can always rely on for accuracy - Reality!
Reality was here before I believed in it and it will be here when I’m gone and can no longer believe. It is something that transcends lifetimes. Reality is ever present for everyone whether you believe in it or not.
When you can say, “what happened happened” without equivocation, you have evoked the one and only prayer of reality.
Reality fits neatly into your belief system no matter if you are an agnostic, an atheist or are a member of an organized religion. It’s a “one-size-fits-all” belief whose outcomes can’t be denied.
The only ritual of reality is recognition. Recognize that reality happens and can’t be explained away, no more than you can get the water back into the hose that sprayed it away.
If you’re searching for something you can believe in, look no further than reality. It shows up with every breath.
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