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“I’ve Got Your Back” Is More Powerful Than “I Love You.” - Grasshopper

“I love you” is a phrase that doesn’t convey commitment. “I’ve got your back” is a promise that promises action.

“I love you” is often an empty promise because it’s so easy to say. “I’ve got your back” commits more than your spoken sentiments; these words require action to back them up.
Put it to the test right now.
Do you know someone who loves you but doesn’t have your back? Calibrate that feeling now. Contrast that feeling with someone who loves you and will be there for you through thick and thin. It’s not a contest! Having your back is the hands-down winner.
Do you have a lot of friends? How many will be there when push comes to shove? How about family members, significant others and assorted associates?
This may only be me, but if the phrase “I love you” doesn’t contain “I’ve got your back,” it’s a watered down version of love.
Whose back do you have? When you make that commitment to someone, you can say with surety, “I love you.”
50% of couples that get married don’t have each other’s back. I just came up with a new definition for divorce the other day that underscores this assertion. Divorce: When worse gets the better of better.
This writing is my challenge for you to put “I love you” to the test in your own life. How many people have you said that to that you would not be there for or vice-versa?
“I’ve got your back” is an inspection worth your reflection. If nothing else, it may keep you from making empty promises.
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