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You Rent Until You “Buy In” And Own It - Grasshopper

Lip service is the tool of the renter. We can kid ourselves, sometimes for a lifetime, that what we are saying has deep roots, but the proof that it doesn’t is the absence of fruit.

What do you talk but don’t walk? That is your rental agreement. What piece of wisdom do you continue to parcel out that you rarely take in? Not taking your own sage advice keeps you from owning.
Notice the empty feeling you have when you give out rented advice. The words are all in the right place but they don’t come from the right place - a place of ownership.
When you own something, you’ve finally bought in to the idea that to hold any sway, you have to do what you say.
What do you claim to own but can’t produce a deed for? Yes, actions are the hallmarks of owners and this is their motto: “Do before you speak or your words remain weak.”
Ideology is filled with rented lip service.  An idea needs repeated action to form a solid foundation on which to build something worth owning.
If you only own lip service, you have real estate that few will buy into.
Stop renewing your rental agreements one-by-one and it won’t be too long before you own your place in the sun.
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