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Unwinding is simply unbinding yourself from your thoughts - Grasshopper

How do you unwind? Is it with a glass of wine, a shower, a chat with a friend or spouse? Do you take a nap, read something, meditate, or do you take a walk or jog? These are some of the things people do to relax.

All of these are ways to escape your thoughts because your thoughts tie you up. If you share your thoughts with someone, they are no longer inside. They are now on an external speaker for someone else to hear. Sometimes, someone listening can provide a way to untie the knot; most often they can't. And talking to yourself about your thoughts makes them bind you even tighter.

Sometimes a glass of wine leads to more glasses of wine and your thought process and your body do slow down. Your internal and external speech may slow as well, as you "tie one on." The result is you deaden your mind and body. Deaden them to what? - your thoughts, of course.

There are more productive ways of unwinding and the ones that work the best are the ones that have you focus attention on your body.

If you are a person of great financial means, you can have your on-call, personal massage therapist do some bodywork on you at the drop of a hat. But most people will have to find another way.

Here's a method that won't cost you any money. You won't need anyone's assistance and once you practice it a few times, you'll be able to unwind in less than two minutes.

Just close your eyes and do an inventory of your body. Start at your toes and move up to the crown of your head or vice-versa. Just notice the feeling you have in each body part along the way. It will help if you keep your eyes down and to the right as you focus on the feelings in each body part.

This is a wonderful way to shift your focus from your mind to your body and the end result is a relaxed body and more spaces showing up in your thinking - allowing you to naturally unwind.

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