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No Justification Changes Reality - Grasshopper

How many ways do we attempt to justify reality? Let us count . . .

"I didn't mean to," "It was God's will," "Everything happens for a reason," blah, blah, blah.
From my perspective, there is only one, all-encompassing law in the universe - Reality. All the other laws fit neatly within Reality.
Take the Law of Gravity as an example. If a falling apple hits you in the head and gravely wounds you, it's real and that's reality. "I didn't mean to shake the tree" will not take away the reality of the shake or the ensuing headache your action caused.
Reality is happening in every moment, everywhere. That means even the elusive concept of Infinity fits within Reality. There is always some action taking place everywhere. And as we know from Newton's Third Law, "Every action has an opposite and equal reaction." And when you take into consideration the actions the reactions cause, you can see how the action machine known as "Reality" stays perpetually in motion. Read that last paragraph again if your head is spinning, because mine is.
On to my real point . . . Every justification is an attempt to convince someone, even yourself, that reality didn't happen.  If it's happening everywhere at all times, when you justify, you lie.
The amount of time that goes into justifying or attempting to explain away reality is time more usefully spent responding to the reality that just happened. To respond to reality, you first have to acknowledge it. If you're justifying it or attempting to explain it, you are robotically reacting to reality and that will not get you to move forward.
The best way to stay stuck is to justify or explain away reality. The shortcut to getting out of the muck and mire quicker is to acknowledge what happened without explanation. To quote detective, Joe Friday, "Just the facts, mam."
Mitigating circumstances may sometimes get you off the hook but they won't change reality.
We rail against reality every day and that's probably never going to go away. We can, however, lessen the frequency of rebelling against reality by acknowledging it. We won't do it every time, but when we do, we lessen the time we stew.
When you argue against reality, you are not only wasting your time, you're putting off a real solution searching for absolution.
Reality happening isn't changing in your lifetime, so stop trying to change it. The best we can do is respond to reality and, perhaps, rearrange it.
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