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Accepting Another’s Happiness Is A Prerequisite For You To Claim Yours - Grasshopper

I heard something years ago that has stuck with me - "Don't envy what someone has; emulate it." If someone else is happy, be happy for them because happiness is not a frequent visitor to any of us, and the sooner you feel it for them, the sooner you open up to it for you.

In fact, it's useful to celebrate happiness or any other cherished state of mind when you encounter it. I will admit it's a bit more difficult to do when you see the fans of the team who just beat you in the Super Bowl exalting, but the sooner you feel happiness for them, the sooner your sadness will be on the wane.
You can't hold onto sadness and expect to feel happy. They both can't occupy the same space at the same time. Back to emulation . . . Who are the happiest people you know? Answer: The people who have opened themselves up to happiness. They expect happiness and through their mindset of expectation, they enjoy more of it. Do what they do.
"Expect to be happy" fits neatly on a bumper sticker and it's an often-rewarded attitude.
The opposite is also accurate. "Expect to be sad" also delivers on its probability.
Another's happiness doesn't lead to your sadness; your resentment of their happiness will.
Celebrate happiness wherever you see it and then see how much more comes your way. If you dictate the specific source where your happiness has to come from, you're going to miss a lot of opportunities to be happy and, sadly, have to wait for the planets to align for your brand of happiness to eclipse your sadness.
Happiness is everywhere. Take time to notice and adopt it as your own. It sure beats waiting for your team to get back to the Super Bowl.
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