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When You’re Out Of Ideas, Get Out Of Your Head - Grasshopper

We all get stuck in the same place every time, but we fail to pinpoint our geography and keep looking for answers covering the same ground.


Who hasn’t been guilty of going over the same territory knowing the answer is not there? That terrain has us wracking our brain, again.


The solution is right under our nose, not between our ears.


Focusing on the sensations in your body will take you away from the word play in your mind every time. Just noticing and feeling what’s going on in a specific body part gets you to part ways with your thoughts, if only for a moment.


Notice that your “ah-ha” ideas come in these moments. Perhaps you’re in the shower feeling the warm water treating your skin cells to a mini-massage and you become more aware of the sensations in your body . . . “Poof” . . . you are struck with an out of the blue option that your head failed to produce after hours and hours of internal wrangling.


Your body will give you answers; you just have to get out of your head long enough to feel them.


Questions are the offspring of hidden answers. Questions are messages your body sends to your mind letting you know there is an answer waiting to be discovered. You just have to question your strategy of going over the same ground in order to find the fertile soil.


Your body is an abundant field of answers - ones that will elude you if you stay in your head.


Make it a practice to start noticing the sensations in your body. Just take a moment now and feel what’s going on in your left hand. Stay with the sensation rather than going off and having commentary on it. Then gently shift your attention to another body part. Not only will the focused-on areas of your body begin to relax, your thought machine will calm down - making room for answers to bloom.


When you’re searching for answers, it’s time to “head off” in a new direction - your body!


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