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Your Future Is Happening Now - Grasshopper

It’s such an easy concept to understand, yet we continually forget that the future is being built in every moment.

What we are doing right now is the foundation of our future. And if we continue doing” that,” it’s easy to foresee the results, making the future easy to predict.
What constitutes “that” are the building blocks for our tomorrow.
What’s your “that”?
What are you building on a regular basis? The building blocks for our future are our habit patterns - the actions we routinely take or avoid taking.
Perhaps you’re in a rut. You may fuss and fume about it, but only action will remedy your situation. If you continue the actions that got you there in the first place, your future can be predicted by any $5 psychic.
Right now is always the starting point to a new future. Tomorrow never comes for a person waiting for their future to happen.
You can’t build the tomorrow you want without any action in the present.
Now is the magical moment of change. Change can only begin in the moment you are in.
Ignoring Thomas Jefferson’s wisdom, you can put off until tomorrow what you can do today, but each time you do that, you keep your desired future at bay.
There is a reason Nike’s slogan “Do it Now” has endured; it contains the magic formula for tomorrow.
Whatever you are putting off is pushing your future off into the distance.
You can spend your time reasoning or justifying delaying action, but each time you do either, you display a fundamental disrespect for the magic of now.
“Your future is happening now” has to be more than a slogan; it requires your undivided action.
Where you are now is where you will stay, unless you channel the magic of now and build your tomorrow beginning today.
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